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Pat's brother, Bill, talks about how he got started as a fisherman and discusses our awesome boat and crew! Have a listen… he talks about the Pacific Dawn at about 12:40!!


- Friedman Adventures Podcast

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Winner winner Red rockfish dinner. Finally won my first jackpot with this 9# Red. Had a great time fishing on this overnight outer islands trip with Shannon, Brad, Chris, Nate Dogg and Dave. Weather was terrible on the way out last night but the capt and crew on the @pacificdawn_sportfishing put us on some great fish today. Until the next adventure...

- Chris Porter

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Awesome! Thanks for an amazing 1st trip! Memories that will never be forgotten!

- Greg

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Good comfortable boat, good highly experienced skipper. I'd just like to find out more about possible charter openings during the first weeks for May and June and I can provide references!

- Richard Rudd

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Best boat and crew... this boat puts u on the fish. Hands down this is a 5 star boat!

- Angela Laird

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Great boat and crew! Had a great time.

- John Rupe

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I went sea bass fishing in rough weather yesterday April 23rd and although the crew could not change mother nature, wow they sure made it happen regardless, we were all rewarded with limits of white sea bass before 7:30 am in the morning. It was a Chinese Fire Drill and the crew
worked flawlessly though out the battle. Blood, tangles you name it
all passengers were ignited, full of adrenaline. We were actually told
to keep our lines up and NOT hook any more fish. It as that good and that fast a sea bass bite. I wish I was wearing my GoProI got from my wife for Xmas, next trip. I am going next week again we will warm the camera up and hope we get another shot at what most people do not get to see or experience even when they fish alot, these fish are that elusive,
[gray ghosts] ........

I have held a 100 ton USCG captains license most of my younger years
running sport boats and private yachts from California to Costa Rica
and I know what it is like firsthand and just how much of a grind working these back to back long rough weather trips can tax the captain and crew. These guys grind it out and make it happen time and again.

Do yourself and friends a favor and ride this boat and check out its crew.
I was waited on hand and foot by the captain [Dog-Mike] [Jim 2nd capt]
[JJ in the galley] and the fabulous crew. During the entire trip it brings back the vast memories of many years of working on boats trying super hard to make money and memories for all around me.

Pacific Dawn ROCKS.....................

- Ed

Exceptional captain and crew! The boat is maintained very well and has an excellent layout. One of the most friendly, outgoing, energetic, fun and helpful crews I have ever fished with! And Captain Mike will put you on the fish! Just got back from an overnight trip with them and brought my 7 year old daughter along for her first over-nighter. The crew did an outstanding job of helping her out, and even helped her land her first Yellowtail! I can’t say enough good things about this operation. We can’t wait until our next trip on the Pacific Dawn!

- Chris Waite

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